Here is exactly how it all started.

My husband and I really enjoy attending auctions as a hobby. One day as we were on our way back from a sale we noticed our neighbor throwing away a bunch of really great items. We approached him and he told us it was easier to toss these items than have a garage sale.

It was at that moment that Twice Around the Block was born!

We understand that garage sales can be a hassle. And who has the time to drive to one of those big “resellers” over and over again?

So I started this company with one purpose in mind– you. We take your used (or new) items that are completely saleable and offer them at a price that is reasonable to everyone.  I also wanted to bring back customer service the way I remember it as a child. Therefore I greet everyone who comes in the store, and offer in house tailoring!

Twice Around the Block is a store for everyone of every income. Stop by and see us today, we’ll show you why everything is better the second time around.