The Consignment Minute Ep. 13

In this episode of The Consignment Minute Kathy gives us her 4 tips to make your next shopping visit to a consignment store useful, fun, and easy.

Here are my 4 tips to making your next shopping visit:

  1. Measure twice- buy once! Don’t simply look at the tags on the clothes that your family wears. Sizes vary depending on designers, so a best bet is to grab a measuring tape and measure your family, or measure a shirt that fits them. That way when you get to the store you don’t have to guess if it will fit.
  2. Bring a reusable bag. Most consignment stores won’t mind you brining your own bags. These are helpful because they hold more items than a standard plastic bag, and save the store money. Who knows they may even give you a discount?
  3. Make a list. This sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t go to the grocery store without a list. So you shouldn’t go to a consignment store without a list. Keep it simple- dress shirt, work jeans, summer dress. That way you leave with the items you need and maybe a few unexpected finds.
  4. Check out the consignment store’s website first. Going to the website before you visit will give you a heads up to any specials, coupons, and store hours. This means you show up informed and ready to shop not struggling to get information or feeling like you missed out.

So make your next trip to a consignment store fun by doing a little homework first.


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